135. Miley Durbin & Gabe Moore “Chirp, Buzz, & Other Sensations”

Miley Durbin & Gabe Moore (AKA “Team Chirp”) at SOFF 2018

Miley Durbin & Gabe Moore co-wrote and co-produced the short film “Chirp, Buzz, & Other Sensations” as a senior thesis with Miley directing and Gabe as director of photography.  It went on to win awards at many festivals including the Sherman Oaks Film Festival.

You can watch “Chirp, Buzz, & Other Sensations” right now on Amazon Prime Video in DIF TV Season 2 Episode 1 or you can go to Prime Video on your TV and search for “Discover Indie Film.”

For the record, this interview was recorded on September 12, 2019 when Miley and Gabe were kind enough to come in and sit down in front of the DIF microphone.  After a long wait, the podcast is finally online.

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