Category: DIF TV Series

S7 E10. The Resentful Angel


S7 E8. Avec Le Temps (With Time)

S7 E7. Space Quest, The Legend of Walkin’ Willie & I Am The Devil

S7 E6. The 5th of April & Waves

S7 E5. Pre-Existing Freedom & Greg is Here

S7 E4. Curiosity, Soft Spot, Thank You For Staying & Processing

S7 E3. Lou, Seance-ing, Me Is You & Miniature Chess

S7 E2. How To End A Conversation, Pathei Mathos & Helper

S7 E1. The World’s Gone Nutz, The Wapidemic & Good Counsel

S6 E10. Invisible: The Unseen Faces of Hunger in Kern

S6 E9. The Kids are Still Here

S6 E8. Execution

S6 E7. My Own & Drunk

S6 E6. Squirrel Mountain ‘Iggy To The Rescue’ & More Than He Knows

S6 E5. Lifelike & Valley

S6 E4. A Face on the Ceiling, You Said & The Poet

S6 E3. Of Crumbs and Dreams, EP & My Roommate the Jedi

S6 E2. Other & Shevolution

S6 E1. Acknowledgements, Across The Room & Bryers Cucumber Tostinos

S5 E10. In The Pines

S5 E9. Clean Cut, Nice Shoes, I Don’t Need A Sledgehammer, and She & Her

S5 E8. The Sword That Waits & Your Heart Is Mine

S5 E7. Those People & Bengale

S5 E6. The Cat & Cinema

S5 E5. Achan and Ezra & The Squirrels in the Attic

S5 E4. 11-95 & An American Childhood

S5 E3. Bree and Lyndsey are Actors, Lizard Brain & Home By 11

S5 E2. Supernova, Tristan and Isaac & Telling Time

S5 E1. Honest Roommates, Hold For Applause & Casanova

S4 E10. Grade A

S4 E9. Passenger Man & To the Moon and Back

S4 E8. The Scarf & O Mundo Aqui Dentro (The World Inside)

S4 E7. The Orchestra & Eleanor

S4 E6. The Hostess & Lydia of the Desert

S4 E5. Kids Don’t Die, The Myth of Winter & Counterweight

S4 E4. FLAT & The Lost Weekend

S4 E3. How To Save A Marriage, Nailed & Four Junkies

S4 E2. Nancy & The Bus to Birra Birra

S4 E1. Sextpert Advice & First States

S3 E10. Forget Me Nots & Allerton

S3 E9. Friends Roman, Prom Time! & Long Distance

S3 E8. Shoot ’em Dead, Hammer Jackson, Rallentando! & Last Wish

S3 E7: Beast & The Man and Mel

S3 E6: Delivery & Worthy

S3 E5. Sweetheart & Girl Friend

S3 E4. The Wind Phone & Brolga

S3 E3: Overshared, Kings Boulevard & IV-effing

S3 E2. Blow Out & DREAM/Life

S3 E1. First Person, Your Call Is Important To Us & Beach Day

S2 E10. Puppet Life 2: Human Dating & Crosby

S2 E9. The Hunter & The Creeping Ritual

S2 E8. The Blind Center & New Age, Olde English

S2 E7. Jonah & The Running Man of Pasadena & Martyr

S2 E6. Light Me Up & Ce Qu’il Reste De Toi

S2 E5. Amydee & This Modern Man Is Beat

S2 E4. Sharpé & Rotsy

S2 E3. Shark Week & They Fall Fast

S2 E2. I Got This & How To Get A Boyfriend

S2 E1: A Bad Feeling & Chirp, Buzz, and Other Sensations

S1 E10: One More, Becoming Lucy & Holly’s Girl

S1 E9: Fiebre en la Disco & The Kidnapping of a Fish

S1 E8: L’oiseau qui danse, The Past Inside the Present & A Meditation

S1 E7: Tirachinas & The Blogger

S1 E6: See Yourself Out & Above Jewels

S1 E5: obSETHed: Memorial Day, Puppet Life, First Dates & The Faceless Man

S1 E4: Army of God, This Is How, & Dress In Black

S1 E3: STUCK, The King In The Ring & The Pooka

S1 E2: Disfluency & Transmission

S1 E1: Trunk Space & An Entanglement