Category: Filmmaker Interviews

152. Danda Russo & Luciana Battistini “The Scarf”

150. Pedro Patricio “Kids Don’t Die” & “Tirachinas”

148. Hayden Croft “Last Wish”

144. David M. Weiss “Kap”

142. Lonnie Martin “The Last of the Manson Girls”

139. David Aufdembrinke “DREAM/life”

133. Luisa Novo “Becoming Lucy”

131. Jeremy Radin & Caroline Gottlieb “Shark Week”

129. Seejon Thomas “The Man and Mel”

125. Linda Christina Riedmann “The Wind Phone”

122. Ed McCarthy “They Fall Fast”

120. JJ Anderson & Tito Molina “Jonah”

118. Jeffrey Thompson “Because We Can”

114. Patrick Connolly “The Creeping Ritual”

Episode 112: Anderson Cowan “Groupers”

Episode 110: Erik Bork “I Got This”

Episode 108: Brett Nicoletti “The Running Man of Pasadena”

Episode 106: Philip A. Ramos “The Kidnapping of a Fish”

Episode 104: D.A. Keenan “Rotsy”

Episode 102: Russell Brown “Search Engines”

Episode 99: Charlotte Barrett & Sean Fallon “A Bad Feeling”

Episode 97: TJ Power “Your Call Is Important To Us”

Episode 94: Benjamin Caro “Cathedrals”

Episode 92: Patrick Cohen “First Dates”

Episode 90: Ryan Larkin “STUCK”

Episode 87: Lorenzo Sterzi “The Blogger”

Episode 86: Matt K. Turner

Episode 84: Anna Baumgarten & Laura Holliday “Disfluency”

Episode 82: Natasha Babenko

Episode 80: Sarah Prikryl

Episode 78: Heather Hillstrom “The King In The Ring”

Episode 76: Joe Petricca “A Meditation”

Episode 74: Kevin Nielsen “See Yourself Out”

Episode 72: Varun Raman & Tom Hancock “Transmission”

Episode 69: Nate Hapke “One More”

Episode 67: Aletha Shepherd

Episode 65: Jeremy Foley & Sara O’Reilly “The Faceless Man”

Episode 61: “Stay” with Chris, Devin & Zach

Episode 59: Seth Coltan “Memorial Day”

Episode 57: Lindsay Nyman “The Blind Center”

Episode 55: Tim Cruz “The Blind Center”

Episode 53: Mylissa Fitzsimmons

Episode 51: Mikhael Bassilli

Episode 49: Miri Stone “The Hunter”

Episode 47: Hayden Croft & Jay Eftimoski “New Age, Olde English”

Episode 43: Ché Baker

Episode 41: Alex Merkin “This Modern Man Is Beat”

Episode 38: Jean-Marie Marbach “Fiebre En La Disco”

Episode 35: Ryan Barton-Grimley & Douglas Mueller

Episode 34: Douglas Mueller

Episode 33: Ryan Barton-Grimley

Episode 30: Max Silver “Trunk Space”

Episode 28: James Medeiros & Caroline O’Brien “Puppet Life”

Episode 26: Chris Fiore

Episode 24: Todd Wiseman Jr. “Army of God”

Episode 22: Preston Peterson & Jason Boesch

Episode 20: Paulina Lagudi “This Is How”

Episode 18: Steve Doxey

Episode 16: Eli Stern

Episode 14: George Moïse

Episode 11: Dylan Sanford “An Entanglement”

Episode 9: James Siewert “The Past Inside The Present”

Episode 7: Neil Payne

Episode 5: Ashley Erin Campbell & Holland Olmstead “Above Jewels”

Episode 3: Steve Desmond

Episode 1: Jamie Brindle