Category: Filmmaker Interviews

322. Brandon C. Lay & Sarah Cugini “Bitter Taste of Ginger”

320. Karina Wolfe “Lou”

318. Ramone Menon “The Pey”

316. Byrne Owens “My Roommate the Jedi”

314. Ashley Cahill “FIRST PERSON: a film about love”

312. Jameson DeSantis & JJ Nolan “Just A Ghoul”

310. Mandie Cheung & Samantha Jean “Other”

308. Aysha Wax “Grief Vigilantes”

306. Camilla Roman “Waves”

304. Ari Schneider & Ryan Barton-Grimley “Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers”

302. TYM4Change “Invisible: The Unseen Faces of Hunger in Kern”

300. Danielle Stritmatter “Drunk”

298. Chris Hall, Patrick Tamisiea & Nicholas Leeds “Bryers Cucumber Tostinos”

296. Jeff Hilliard “Consensual”

294. Fr3deR1cK Taylor “Pre-Existing Freedom”

292. Allan Zhang Tran “Valley” & Exits”

290. Brian Giovanni “Of Crumbs and Dreams”

288. Daniel Amerman “The Poet”

286. Matthew Gratzner “Mutiny!”

284. Arvid Eriksson “Acknowledgements”

282. Rob Campoy “A Face on the Ceiling”

280. Finn McCager Higgins “In The Pines”

278. Taylor Olson “Bone Cage”

276. Willow Hamilton, Wyatt Bunce & Thom Reidy “Killer Whales”

270. Clare O’Connor & Emma Fazzuoli “Coco and Colby”

268. Oliver Scott “The Sword That Waits”

266. Matthew Lucas “Kringle Time”

264. Ted Knighton “Cinema”

262. Paul Lindsay “11-95”

260. Stavit Allweis “Execution”

257. Dylan James Amick “Clean Cut”

255. Lyndsey Frank & Bree Helders “Bree and Lyndsey are Actors”

253. Alek Lev “What?”

251. Brian Barnes & Matthew Merenda “yellow”

249. Goldwyn Thandrayen “I Don’t Need A Sledgehammer To Start A Fire”

247. Omri Rose & Yan Fisher “Achan and Ezra”

245. Troy Christian, Tom Graves & Timothy Milos “A Perfect Vintage”

243. Jean Villepique “IV-effing”

241. Otis Birdy “Jiyan: La vie”

239. Nickolas Gilbert “Nailed”

237. Rachel Thomas-Medwid “The Squirrels in the Attic”

235. Samuël L. Jodry “Bengale (ou avant que le bonheur frappe)”

233. Kathryne Isabelle Easton “Borrelia Borealis”

231. Daniel Talbott “Telling Time”

229. Alan Wood “LABATOKY (Life’s A B…)”

227. Ryan Alan Petti “An American Childhood”

225. Christopher McNeany “More Than He Knows”

223. Ryan Beene “Those People”

221. Sarah Beth Goer & Kip Calendine “Three Roads”

219. Eric DePriester “Treason”

217. Diliana Deltcheva “Sweetheart”

213. Chris McElroy & Corey Schmalzle “American SciFi”

205. Evan Ostrow, Marshall Thompson & Elias Serpa “FLAT”

201. Michael Dailey & Morgan Lintz “Turner Risk”

199. Michelle Alexander & Daniel David Stewart “Blow Out”

197. Jon Gower “Rallentando!”

195. Jessica Liu “Prom Time!”

193. Jonathan Latona “DOUG”

191. Tobit Raphael Capati “Sextpert Advice”

189. Patrick Connolly “Desire Lines”

187. Hayden Croft “Four Junkies”

185. David Thompson “Long Distance”

183. Curtis Matzke “The Orchestra”

181. Natalie Peracchio & Ted Von Bevern “Beast”

179. Scott Cassidy “Passenger Man”

177. Jordan Crabtree “The Myth of Winter”

175. Adrian Powers “Brolga”

173. Marcus Baker “Counterweight”

171. The Macias Brothers “Shoot ’em Dead”

169. John Venable “First Person”

167. Ryan O’Leary & Sam Vartholomeos “The Lost Weekend”

166. 4Qs with Nate & Kim Ellis

165. Kim & Nate Ellis “Delivery”

164. TJ Power “The Bus to Birra Birra”

162. Joey Bravo “Hammer Jackson”

160. Bond Richards “First States”

158. Alana de Freitas “Nancy”

156. Cory Aycock “Lydia of the Desert”

154. Rosalie Alspach “The Hostess”

152. Danda Russo & Luciana Battistini “The Scarf”

150. Pedro Patricio “Kids Don’t Die” & “Tirachinas”

148. Hayden Croft “Last Wish”

144. David M. Weiss “Kap”

142. Lonnie Martin “The Last of the Manson Girls”

139. David Aufdembrinke “DREAM/life”

133. Luisa Novo “Becoming Lucy”

131. Jeremy Radin & Caroline Gottlieb “Shark Week”

129. Seejon Thomas “The Man and Mel”

125. Linda Christina Riedmann “The Wind Phone”

122. Ed McCarthy “They Fall Fast”

120. JJ Anderson & Tito Molina “Jonah”

118. Jeffrey Thompson “Because We Can”

114. Patrick Connolly “The Creeping Ritual”

112. Anderson Cowan “Groupers”

110. Erik Bork “I Got This”

108. Brett Nicoletti “The Running Man of Pasadena”

106. Philip A. Ramos “The Kidnapping of a Fish”

104. D.A. Keenan “Rotsy”

102. Russell Brown “Search Engines”