336. Shelton R. Johnson “The Legend of Walkin’ Willie”

Shelton R. Johnson wrote, directed, and produced two films that have been Official Selections at the festivals that I program, “Thankful For My Family” in 2020 and “The Legend of Walkin’ Willie” in 2021.  Shelton brings a sense of fun to everything that he does and it shows in his work.  I’m delighted to say that “The Legend of Walkin’ Willie” is in Season 7 of the Discover Indie Film TV Series on Amazon Prime Video! (Season 7 arrives on January 15, 2023.)

Chatting with Shelton is almost as much fun as watching his films.  I hope you enjoy this podcast interview!

You can learn more about Shelton on Instagram at @sheltonrjohnson

Visit Shelton’s YouTube channel here at @DirectedBySRJ

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