Category: DIF TV Interviews

413. Nicholas Geisler “When You Became Us”

399. Adele Thomas “She”

395. Eva Urrutia “Avec Le Temps (With Time)”

393. Duane Andersen “30 Meetings / 30 Days”

389. Renetta Amador “Processing”

387. Klaus Hoch “Emergence”

385. Matthew Domenico “If I Were To Speak Of War”

380. Fr3deR1cK & Jeff Shoot the S**t, Part 1

372. Mellinda Hensley & Matt Clifford “Across The Room”

370. Chandra Bond, Janelle Jones, Aaron Bennett & David J. Levine “Good Counsel”

366. Ty Clancey “Thank You For Staying”

364. Brett Nicoletti “Greg is Here”

358. Vitória Vasconcellos “Pathei Mathos”

356. Alix Angelis “Seance-ing”

350. Cheryl Graeff
 & Shelley Daniels “The Resentful Angel”

348. Céline Tshika “The Wapidemic”

344. Kevin Grossman “Me Is You”

342. Jerome Marshall “Soft Spot”

334. Gregory JM Kasunich “How To End A Conversation”

328. Mike Harris “I Am The Devil”

326. Jenny Pill “VOICE”

324. Christopher Ninness “The Kids are Still Here”

320. Karina Wolfe “Lou”

310. Mandie Cheung & Samantha Jean “Other”

306. Camilla Roman “Waves”

302. TYM4Change “Invisible: The Unseen Faces of Hunger in Kern”

300. Danielle Stritmatter “Drunk”

298. Chris Hall, Patrick Tamisiea & Nicholas Leeds “Bryers Cucumber Tostinos”

294. Fr3deR1cK Taylor “Pre-Existing Freedom”

292. Allan Zhang Tran “Valley” & Exits”

290. Brian Giovanni “Of Crumbs and Dreams”

288. Daniel Amerman “The Poet”

284. Arvid Eriksson “Acknowledgements”

282. Rob Campoy “A Face on the Ceiling”

280. Finn McCager Higgins “In The Pines”

274. Jake Whiston “Your Heart Is Mine”

272. Shannon Gibbs “My Own”

268. Oliver Scott “The Sword That Waits”

264. Ted Knighton “Cinema”

262. Paul Lindsay “11-95”

257. Dylan James Amick “Clean Cut”

255. Lyndsey Frank & Bree Helders “Bree and Lyndsey are Actors”

249. Goldwyn Thandrayen “I Don’t Need A Sledgehammer To Start A Fire”

247. Omri Rose & Yan Fisher “Achan and Ezra”

239. Nickolas Gilbert “Nailed”

237. Rachel Thomas-Medwid “The Squirrels in the Attic”

235. Samuël L. Jodry “Bengale (ou avant que le bonheur frappe)”

231. Daniel Talbott “Telling Time”

227. Ryan Alan Petti “An American Childhood”

225. Christopher McNeany “More Than He Knows”

223. Ryan Beene “Those People”

215. Luisa Novo, Denise Szabo & Vanessa Sandre “O Mundo Aqui Dentro (The World Inside)”

211. Joe Basla “Grade A”

209. Eric Foss “How To Save A Marriage”

205. Evan Ostrow, Marshall Thompson & Elias Serpa “FLAT”

199. Michelle Alexander & Daniel David Stewart “Blow Out”

197. Jon Gower “Rallentando!”

195. Jessica Liu “Prom Time!”

191. Tobit Raphael Capati “Sextpert Advice”

189. Patrick Connolly “Desire Lines”

187. Hayden Croft “Four Junkies”

185. David Thompson “Long Distance”

183. Curtis Matzke “The Orchestra”

181. Natalie Peracchio & Ted Von Bevern “Beast”

179. Scott Cassidy “Passenger Man”

177. Jordan Crabtree “The Myth of Winter”

175. Adrian Powers “Brolga”

173. Marcus Baker “Counterweight”

171. The Macias Brothers “Shoot ’em Dead”

169. John Venable “First Person”

167. Ryan O’Leary & Sam Vartholomeos “The Lost Weekend”

165. Kim & Nate Ellis “Delivery”

164. TJ Power “The Bus to Birra Birra”

162. Joey Bravo “Hammer Jackson”

160. Bond Richards “First States”

158. Alana de Freitas “Nancy”

156. Cory Aycock “Lydia of the Desert”

154. Rosalie Alspach “The Hostess”

153. 4Qs with Luciana Battistini & Danda Russo

152. Danda Russo & Luciana Battistini “The Scarf”

151. 4Qs with Pedro Patricio

150. Pedro Patricio “Kids Don’t Die” & “Tirachinas”

148. Hayden Croft “Last Wish”

146. Rosie Grace & Nate Hapke “She & Her”

141. Caroline O’Brien & James Medeiros “Puppet Life 2: Human Dating”

140. 4Qs with David Aufdembrinke

139. David Aufdembrinke “DREAM/life”

137. 4Qs with Michael Hernandez

137. Michael Hernandez “Worthy” & “Martyr”

135. Miley Durbin & Gabe Moore “Chirp, Buzz, & Other Sensations”

133. Luisa Novo “Becoming Lucy”

132. 4Qs with Caroline Gottlieb & Jeremy Radin

131. Jeremy Radin & Caroline Gottlieb “Shark Week”

130. 4Qs with Seejon Thomas

129. Seejon Thomas “The Man and Mel”

127. Darren Coyle “Chasing Sunshine”

125. Linda Christina Riedmann “The Wind Phone”

123. Kristen Gerweck “The Wind Phone”

123. 4Qs with Ed McCarthy