146. Rosie Grace & Nate Hapke “She & Her”

Rosi & Nate at DIF HQ in August 2019

Rosie Grace and Nate Hapke have been collaborating on film productions for a few years now.  Before their work together truly took off I had interviewed Nate about his film “One More” (SOFF 2017) but get this list… after that film came three Rosie & Nate collaborations; “She & Her” (FILA 2019) “To The Moon and Back” (FILA 2020) and “Ride Share” (SOFF 2020).

We recorded this interview in August 2019, not long after “She & Her” played at FILA 2019.  Since Nate had told me his filmmaking story wayback in episode 69 of this podcast it was clearly time to hear Rosie’s story.

If you want to learn about this team, their small/TALL Productions Facebook page is a great place to start: https://www.facebook.com/smalltallproductions/

Soon after we recorded this, I got unlucky and through a series of unfortunate events many podcasts that I had recorded got mothballed.  It took me forever to get the emotional bandwidth to go back into the vault and get those unreleased podcasts out!  The good news is that you finally get to hear this smart, enthusiastic filmmaker talk about her craft!

And I promise to not let the DIF vault ever fill up again.  I’m going to start a series of new interviews where no post-production is necessary, because life no longer allows me that luxury.  I promise!

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