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214. 4Qs with Corey Schmalzle & Chris McElroy

213. Chris McElroy & Corey Schmalzle “American SciFi”

212. 4Qs with Joe Basla

211. Joe Basla “Grade A”

210. 4Qs with Eric Foss

209. Eric Foss “How To Save A Marriage”

208. 4Qs with Fady Haddad

207. Fady Haddad “Lupe”

206. 4Qs with Evan Ostrow, Marshall Thompson & Elias Serpa

205. Evan Ostrow, Marshall Thompson & Elias Serpa “FLAT”

204.4Qs with Danice Cabanela & Robert Santi

203. Danice Cabanela, Robert Santi & Daniel Marcha “Forget Me Nots”

202. 4Qs with Michael Dailey & Morgan Lintz

201. Michael Dailey & Morgan Lintz “Turner Risk”

200. 4Qs with Michelle Alexander & Daniel David Stewart

199. Michelle Alexander & Daniel David Stewart “Blow Out”

198. 4Qs with Jon Gower

197. Jon Gower “Rallentando!”

196. 4Qs with Jessica Liu

195. Jessica Liu “Prom Time!”

194. 4Qs with Jonathan Latona

193. Jonathan Latona “DOUG”

192. 4Qs with Tobit Raphael Capati

191. Tobit Raphael Capati “Sextpert Advice”

190. 4Qs with Patrick Connolly

189. Patrick Connolly “Desire Lines”

188. 4Qs with Hayden Croft – Part Trois

187. Hayden Croft “Four Junkies”

186. 4Qs with David Thompson

185. David Thompson “Long Distance”

184. 4Qs with Curtis Matzke

183. Curtis Matzke “The Orchestra”

182. 4Qs with Natalie Peracchio & Ted Von Bevern

181. Natalie Peracchio & Ted Von Bevern “Beast”

180. 4Qs with Scott Cassidy

179. Scott Cassidy “Passenger Man”

178. 4Qs with Jordan Crabtree

177. Jordan Crabtree “The Myth of Winter”

176. 4Qs with Adrian Powers

175. Adrian Powers “Brolga”

174. 4Qs with Marcus Baker

173. Marcus Baker “Counterweight”

172. 4Qs with The Macias Brothers

171. The Macias Brothers “Shoot ’em Dead”

170. 4Qs with John Venable

169. John Venable “First Person”

168. 4Qs with Sam Vartholomeos & Ryan O’Leary

167. Ryan O’Leary & Sam Vartholomeos “The Lost Weekend”

166. 4Qs with Nate & Kim Ellis

165. Kim & Nate Ellis “Delivery”

164. TJ Power “The Bus to Birra Birra”

163. 4Qs with Joey Bravo

162. Joey Bravo “Hammer Jackson”

161. 4Qs with Bond Richards

160. Bond Richards “First States”

159. 4Qs with Alana de Freitas

158. Alana de Freitas “Nancy”

157. 4Qs with Cory Aycock

156. Cory Aycock “Lydia of the Desert”

155. 4Qs with Rosalie Alspach

154. Rosalie Alspach “The Hostess”

153. 4Qs with Luciana Battistini & Danda Russo

152. Danda Russo & Luciana Battistini “The Scarf”

151. 4Qs with Pedro Patricio

150. Pedro Patricio “Kids Don’t Die” & “Tirachinas”

149. 4Qs with Hayden Croft (Part Deux)

148. Hayden Croft “Last Wish”

147. 4Qs with Rosie Grace (+ Nate Hapke)

146. Rosie Grace & Nate Hapke “She & Her”

S4 E10. Grade A

S4 E9. Passenger Man & To the Moon and Back

S4 E8. The Scarf & O Mundo Aqui Dentro (The World Inside)

S4 E7. The Orchestra & Eleanor

S4 E6. The Hostess & Lydia of the Desert

S4 E5. Kids Don’t Die, The Myth of Winter & Counterweight

S4 E4. FLAT & The Lost Weekend

S4 E3. How To Save A Marriage, Nailed & Four Junkies

S4 E2. Nancy & The Bus to Birra Birra

S4 E1. Sextpert Advice & First States

145. 4Qs with David M. Weiss

144. David M. Weiss “Kap”

143. 4Qs with Lonnie Martin

142. Lonnie Martin “The Last of the Manson Girls”

141. Caroline O’Brien & James Medeiros “Puppet Life 2: Human Dating”

140. 4Qs with David Aufdembrinke

139. David Aufdembrinke “DREAM/life”

137. 4Qs with Michael Hernandez

137. Michael Hernandez “Worthy” & “Martyr”

136. 4Qs with Miley Durbin & Gabe Moore

135. Miley Durbin & Gabe Moore “Chirp, Buzz, & Other Sensations”

134. 4Qs with Luisa Novo

133. Luisa Novo “Becoming Lucy”

132. 4Qs with Caroline Gottlieb & Jeremy Radin

131. Jeremy Radin & Caroline Gottlieb “Shark Week”

130. 4Qs with Seejon Thomas

129. Seejon Thomas “The Man and Mel”

S3 E10. Forget Me Nots & Allerton

S3 E9. Friends Roman, Prom Time! & Long Distance

S3 E8. Shoot ’em Dead, Hammer Jackson, Rallentando! & Last Wish