349. 4Qs with Céline Tshika

348. Céline Tshika “The Wapidemic”

347. 4Qs with Pieter Coudyzer

346. Pieter Coudyzer “The Passerby”

345. 4Qs with Kevin Grossman

344. Kevin Grossman “Me Is You”

343. 4Qs with Jerome Marshall

342. Jerome Marshall “Soft Spot”

341. 4Qs with Daniel Robert Cohn

340. Daniel Robert Cohn “The World’s Gone Nutz”

339. 4Qs with Sarah Lyddan & Skylar Adams

338. Skylar Adams & Sarah Lyddan “Lonely Night”

337. 4Qs with Shelton R. Johnson

336. Shelton R. Johnson “The Legend of Walkin’ Willie”

335. 4Qs with Gregory JM Kasunich

334. Gregory JM Kasunich “How To End A Conversation”

333. 4Qs with Tim Slowikowski & Aaron Hagele

332. Aaron Hagele & Tim Slowikowski “Party Dream”

331. 4Qs with Greg Berman

330. Greg Berman “She Used to Laugh”

329. 4Qs with Mike Harris

DIF Review: ?????????? Party Dream

328. Mike Harris “I Am The Devil”

S7 E10. The Resentful Angel


S7 E8. Avec Le Temps (With Time)

S7 E7. Space Quest, The Legend of Walkin’ Willie & I Am The Devil

S7 E6. The 5th of April & Waves

S7 E5. Pre-Existing Freedom & Greg is Here

S7 E4. Curiosity, Soft Spot, Thank You For Staying & Processing

S7 E3. Lou, Seance-ing, Me Is You & Miniature Chess

S7 E2. How To End A Conversation, Pathei Mathos & Helper

S7 E1. The World’s Gone Nutz, The Wapidemic & Good Counsel

327. 4Qs with Jenny Pill

326. Jenny Pill “VOICE”

325. 4Qs with Christopher Ninness

324. Christopher Ninness “The Kids are Still Here”

323. 4Qs with Sarah Cugini & Brandon C. Lay

322. Brandon C. Lay & Sarah Cugini “Bitter Taste of Ginger”

321. 4Qs with Karina Wolfe

320. Karina Wolfe “Lou”

319. 4Qs with Ramone Menon

318. Ramone Menon “The Pey”

317. 4Qs with Byrne Owens

316. Byrne Owens “My Roommate the Jedi”

315. 4Qs with Ashley Cahill

314. Ashley Cahill “FIRST PERSON: a film about love”

313. 4Qs with JJ Nolan & Jameson DeSantis

312. Jameson DeSantis & JJ Nolan “Just A Ghoul”

311. 4Qs with Samantha Jean & Mandie Cheung

310. Mandie Cheung & Samantha Jean “Other”

309. 4QS with Aysha Wax

308. Aysha Wax “Grief Vigilantes”

307. 4Qs with Camilla Roman

306. Camilla Roman “Waves”

305. 4Qs with Ari Schneider (& Ryan Barton-Grimley)

304. Ari Schneider & Ryan Barton-Grimley “Hawk and Rev: Vampire Slayers”

303. 4Qs with TYM4Change

302. TYM4Change “Invisible: The Unseen Faces of Hunger in Kern”

301. 4Qs with Danielle Stritmatter

300. Danielle Stritmatter “Drunk”

299. 4Qs with Chris Hall, Patrick Tamisiea & Nicholas Leeds

298. Chris Hall, Patrick Tamisiea & Nicholas Leeds “Bryers Cucumber Tostinos”

297. 4Qs with Jeff Hilliard

296. Jeff Hilliard “Consensual”

295. 4Qs with Fr3deR1cK Taylor

294. Fr3deR1cK Taylor “Pre-Existing Freedom”

293. 4Qs with Allan Zhang Tran

292. Allan Zhang Tran “Valley” & Exits”

291. 4Qs with Brian Giovanni

290. Brian Giovanni “Of Crumbs and Dreams”

289. 4Qs with Daniel Amerman

288. Daniel Amerman “The Poet”

287. 4Qs with Matthew Gratzner

286. Matthew Gratzner “Mutiny!”

S6 E10. Invisible: The Unseen Faces of Hunger in Kern

S6 E9. The Kids are Still Here

S6 E8. Execution

S6 E7. My Own & Drunk

S6 E6. Squirrel Mountain ‘Iggy To The Rescue’ & More Than He Knows

S6 E5. Lifelike & Valley

S6 E4. A Face on the Ceiling, You Said & The Poet

S6 E3. Of Crumbs and Dreams, EP & My Roommate the Jedi

S6 E2. Other & Shevolution

S6 E1. Acknowledgements, Across The Room & Bryers Cucumber Tostinos

285. 4Qs with Arvid Eriksson

284. Arvid Eriksson “Acknowledgements”

283. 4Qs with Rob Campoy

282. Rob Campoy “A Face on the Ceiling”

281. 4Qs with Finn McCager Higgins

280. Finn McCager Higgins “In The Pines”

279. 4Qs with Taylor Olson

278. Taylor Olson “Bone Cage”

277. 4Qs with Wyatt Bunce & Willow Hamilton

276. Willow Hamilton, Wyatt Bunce & Thom Reidy “Killer Whales”

DIF Review: ?????????? Jiyan: La vie

DIF Review: ?????????? Killer Whales

DIF Review: ?????????? Bone Cage

275. 4Qs with Jake Whiston