322. Brandon C. Lay & Sarah Cugini “Bitter Taste of Ginger”

Brandon C. Lay wrote and directed the feature film “Bitter Taste of Ginger,” which lead actor Sarah Cugini absolutely threw onto her shoulders and brought to life.  These two also co-produced the film with collaborators Marcy Repp and Joshua Faturos. “Bitter Taste of Ginger” came to the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2021 and took home two Grand Jury Awards, Best Feature Film – Arthouse/Experimental and Best Actress in a Lead Role  for Sarah!   These two frequent collaborators represent the best in indie film; innovative, rule-breaking, and original.

You can add to this introduction that their short film “Cueball” played at Film Invasion Los Angeles in June of 2022 along with “Bitter Taste of Ginger,” making it the rare film to play both SOFF and FILA.  Also, Sarah is the first and so far only actor to take hime the Grand Jury Award for Best Lead Role in both festivals!

Okay.  That is enough intro.  I certainly hope you enjoy this interview!

To learn more about this team and learn where you can watch their films, visit Livingproofpictures.com. & @living.proof.pictures on Instagram.

You can also hit Sarah’s wonderful Instagram at @sarah_bear912

If you want to watch “Bitter Taste of Ginger” you can!  Click here for “Bitter Taste of Ginger” on VOD.

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