340. Daniel Robert Cohn “The World’s Gone Nutz”

Daniel Robert Cohn created the music video “The World’s Gone Nutz” and brought it to the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2021, where it took home multiple awards.  You learn in this podcast that Dan is much more than a squirrel enthusiast; he’s a multi-hyphenate artist who does everything and does it exceptionally well.  I’m delighted to share that “The World’s Gone Nutz” is in Season 7 of the Discover Indie Film TV Series on Amazon Prime Video that arrives on January 15!

Besides all of his talents, Dan is also a terribly nice person and an absolute joy to hang out with.  I hope you enjoy this podcast half as much as we enjoyed recording it.

You can learn more about Dan at namastepictures.com
and see all of his amazing work with squirrels at Squirrelmebad.com

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