154. Rosalie Alspach “The Hostess”

153. 4Qs with Luciana Battistini & Danda Russo

152. Danda Russo & Luciana Battistini “The Scarf”

151. 4Qs with Pedro Patricio

150. Pedro Patricio “Kids Don’t Die” & “Tirachinas”

149. 4Qs with Hayden Croft (Part Deux)

148. Hayden Croft “Last Wish”

147. 4Qs with Rosie Grace (+ Nate Hapke)

146. Rosie Grace & Nate Hapke “She & Her”

S4 E10. Grade A

S4 E9. Passenger Man & To the Moon and Back

S4 E8. The Scarf & O Mundo Aqui Dentro (The World Inside)

S4 E7. The Orchestra & Eleanor

S4 E6. The Hostess & Lydia of the Desert

S4 E5. Kids Don’t Die, The Myth of Winter & Counterweight

S4 E4. FLAT & The Lost Weekend

S4 E3. How To Save A Marriage, Nailed & Four Junkies

S4 E2. Nancy & The Bus to Birra Birra

S4 E1. Sextpert Advice & First States

145. 4Qs with David M. Weiss

144. David M. Weiss “Kap”

143. 4Qs with Lonnie Martin

142. Lonnie Martin “The Last of the Manson Girls”

141. Caroline O’Brien & James Medeiros “Puppet Life 2: Human Dating”

140. 4Qs with David Aufdembrinke

139. David Aufdembrinke “DREAM/life”

137. 4Qs with Michael Hernandez

137. Michael Hernandez “Worthy” & “Martyr”

136. 4Qs with Miley Durbin & Gabe Moore

135. Miley Durbin & Gabe Moore “Chirp, Buzz, & Other Sensations”

134. 4Qs with Luisa Novo

133. Luisa Novo “Becoming Lucy”

132. 4Qs with Caroline Gottlieb & Jeremy Radin

131. Jeremy Radin & Caroline Gottlieb “Shark Week”

130. 4Qs with Seejon Thomas

129. Seejon Thomas “The Man and Mel”

S3 E10. Forget Me Nots & Allerton

S3 E9. Friends Roman, Prom Time! & Long Distance

S3 E8. Shoot ’em Dead, Hammer Jackson, Rallentando! & Last Wish

S3 E7: Beast & The Man and Mel

S3 E6: Delivery & Worthy

S3 E5. Sweetheart & Girl Friend

S3 E4. The Wind Phone & Brolga

S3 E3: Overshared, Kings Boulevard & IV-effing

S3 E2. Blow Out & DREAM/Life

S3 E1. First Person, Your Call Is Important To Us & Beach Day

128. 4Qs with Darren Coyle

127. Darren Coyle “Chasing Sunshine”

126. 4Qs with Linda Christina Riedmann

125. Linda Christina Riedmann “The Wind Phone”

124. 4Qs with Kristen Gerweck

123. Kristen Gerweck “The Wind Phone”

123. 4Qs with Ed McCarthy

122. Ed McCarthy “They Fall Fast”

121. 4Qs with JJ Anderson & Tito Molina

120. JJ Anderson & Tito Molina “Jonah”

119. 4Qs with Jeffrey Thompson

118. Jeffrey Thompson “Because We Can”

117. 4Qs with Leo Chor

116. Leo Chor “How To Get A Boyfriend”

115. 4Qs with Patrick Connolly

S2 E10. Puppet Life 2: Human Dating & Crosby

S2 E9. The Hunter & The Creeping Ritual

S2 E8. The Blind Center & New Age, Olde English

S2 E7. Jonah & The Running Man of Pasadena & Martyr

S2 E6. Light Me Up & Ce Qu’il Reste De Toi

S2 E5. Amydee & This Modern Man Is Beat

S2 E4. Sharpé & Rotsy

S2 E3. Shark Week & They Fall Fast

S2 E2. I Got This & How To Get A Boyfriend

S2 E1: A Bad Feeling & Chirp, Buzz, and Other Sensations

114. Patrick Connolly “The Creeping Ritual”

113. 4Qs with Anderson Cowan

112. Anderson Cowan “Groupers”

111. 4Qs with Erik Bork

110. Erik Bork “I Got This”

109. 4Qs with Brett Nicoletti

108. Brett Nicoletti “The Running Man of Pasadena”

107. 4Qs with Philip A. Ramos

106. Philip A. Ramos “The Kidnapping of a Fish”

105. 4Qs with D.A. Keenan

104. D.A. Keenan “Rotsy”

103. 4Qs with Russell Brown

102. Russell Brown “Search Engines”

101. 4Qs with Charlotte Barrett & Sean Fallon

99. Charlotte Barrett & Sean Fallon “A Bad Feeling”

98. 4Qs with TJ Power

97. TJ Power “Your Call Is Important To Us”

96. Oscars Predictions Wrap-Up

95. 4Qs with Benjamin Caro

S1 E10: One More, Becoming Lucy & Holly’s Girl

S1 E9: Fiebre en la Disco & The Kidnapping of a Fish

S1 E8: L’oiseau qui danse, The Past Inside the Present & A Meditation

S1 E7: Tirachinas & The Blogger

S1 E6: See Yourself Out & Above Jewels

S1 E5: obSETHed: Memorial Day, Puppet Life, First Dates & The Faceless Man

S1 E4: Army of God, This Is How, & Dress In Black

S1 E3: STUCK, The King In The Ring & The Pooka

S1 E2: Disfluency & Transmission