142. Lonnie Martin “The Last of the Manson Girls”

Writer/Director/Instructor Lonnie Martin at DIF HQ

Lonnie Martin brought his superb feature film “The Last of the Manson Girls” to Film Invasion Los Angeles back in 2019, where it was an audience favorite and puled in some awards.

I got lucky and in December of 2019 Lonnie was visiting Los Angeles and took a break from his busy schedule to sit down for a Discover Indie Film interview.

Soon after we recorded this, I got unlucky and through a series of unfortunate events may podcasts that I had recorded got mothballed.  My apologies!  But the good news is that you finally get to hear this smart, enthusiastic filmmaker talk about his craft!

Lonnie is a great guy and a great filmmaker, and his podcast interview is a great conversation!  Click here to go right to the Amazon Prime Video page for The Last of the Manson Girls.

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