141. Caroline O’Brien & James Medeiros “Puppet Life 2: Human Dating”

Caroline O’Brien & James Medeiros sharing a mic at DIF HQ

Caroline O’Brien & James Medeiros first appeared on this podcast because their short film “Puppet Life” was a huge hit at the 2016 Sherman Oaks Film Festival.  Soon “Puppet Life” joined the first season of the Discover Indie Film TV series on Amazon Prime Video.

We recorded a second interview because their follow up “Puppet Life 2: Human Dating,” which pulled in awards at the 2018 Sherman Oaks Film Festival, became a part of the second season of Discover Indie Film.

This interview is the kind of chat people have when they have done two festival Q&A’s, a podcast interview, and two Oscar special podcasts.  In other words, I’m almost too familiar with these two wonderful people to have done a proper interview.

And seriously, you should watch both Puppet Life films.  Click here to be taken to the Amazon page. or you can go to Prime Video on your TV and search for “Discover Indie Film.”  They are in season 1 episode 5 and season 2 episode 10.

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