164. TJ Power “The Bus to Birra Birra”

TJ Power gets ready for his second DIF interview

Do you want to know why “The Bus to Birra Birra” from filmmaker TJ Power is in the Discover Indie Film TV Series on Amazon Prime Video?  Maybe the fact that it won four awards at Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2020 has something to do with it?  Go to Season 4 Episode 2 of the DIF TV series too see why this film won Best Short Film – Drama, Best Director – Short Film, Outstanding Screenplay, and Outstanding Acting – Individual for Elizabeth Blackmore.

Thankfully, you can watch the film in the TV series and you can listen to TJ talk about the inspirations behind the film in this podcast. And if you want to take a deep dive, jump back to TJ’s first DIF podcast interview from May 2019 when we talked about he previous short film, “Your Call Is Important To Us.”

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