144. David M. Weiss “Kap”

David M Weiss’s virtual interview in July 2019

Filmmaker David M. Weiss brought his action-thriller Black Luck to Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2016 and then came back to the Sherman Oaks Film Festival with his incredibly touching and inspiring film Kap, shot entirely in Haiti about the practice of “restavek” (to stay with) which is a form of child slavery affecting over 300,000 children in Haiti.

David and I recorded this virtual interview on July 27, 2019, long before virtual chats became standard procedure during 2020’s pandemic.

Soon after we recorded this, I got unlucky and through a series of unfortunate events many podcasts that I had recorded got mothballed.  The good news is that you finally get to hear this smart, enthusiastic filmmaker talk about his craft!

Want to watch David’s films?

Click here to watch “Kap”

Click here to go right to the Amazon Prime Video page for Black luck.

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