131. Jeremy Radin & Caroline Gottlieb “Shark Week”

Jeremy Radin & Caroline Gottlieb stop by DIF HQ to talk about their film “Shark Week”

The film Shark Week pulled in three awards at Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2018 and it was easy to see why.  The jury was blown away by the quality of this film.  Shark Week would not exist without Jeremy Radin, who wrote it as a play and directed it on the screen, and Caroline Gottlieb who performed the piece in a play and was the driving force as producer to get capture this amazing work on film.

Without irony, Shark Week was my white whale.  From the moment I saw it I began looking forward to listening to the team that made it at length.  I had to get them on the podcast.  Then when the DIF TV series was born I knew immediately that having Shark Week be a part of it would make me incredibly proud.

You can watch Shark Week right now on Amazon Prime Video.  It starts off Season 2, Episode three and is paired with the equally wonderful They Fall FastClick here to be taken to the Amazon page. or you can go to Prime Video on your TV and search for “Discover Indie Film.”

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