271. 4Qs with Clare O’Connor & Emma Fazzuoli

270. Clare O’Connor & Emma Fazzuoli “Coco and Colby”

269. 4Qs with Oliver Scott

268. Oliver Scott “The Sword That Waits”

267. 4Qs with Matthew Lucas

266. Matthew Lucas “Kringle Time”

265. 4Qs with Ted Knighton

264. Ted Knighton “Cinema”

263. 4Qs with Paul Lindsay

262. Paul Lindsay “11-95”

261. 4Qs with Stavit Allweis

260. Stavit Allweis “Execution”

259. Steven Smith’s Personal Experience with Long Covid

258. 4Qs with Dylan James Amick

257. Dylan James Amick “Clean Cut”

256. 4Qs with Bree Helders & Lyndsey Frank

255. Lyndsey Frank & Bree Helders “Bree and Lyndsey are Actors”

254. 4Qs with Alek Lev

253. Alek Lev “What?”

DIF Review: ?????????? What?

252. 4Qs with Brian Barnes & Matthew Merenda

251. Brian Barnes & Matthew Merenda “yellow”

250. 4Qs with Goldwyn Thandrayen

249. Goldwyn Thandrayen “I Don’t Need A Sledgehammer To Start A Fire”

DIF Review: ?????????? A Perfect Vintage

248. 4Qs with Yan Fisher & Omri Rose

DIF Review: ?????????? Borrelia Borealis

DIF Review: ?????????? Counter Clockwise

247. Omri Rose & Yan Fisher “Achan and Ezra”

246. 4QS with Troy Christian, Tom Graves & Timothy Milos

245. Troy Christian, Tom Graves & Timothy Milos “A Perfect Vintage”

244. 4Qs with Jean Villepique

S5 E10. In The Pines

S5 E9. Clean Cut, Nice Shoes, I Don’t Need A Sledgehammer, and She & Her

S5 E8. The Sword That Waits & Your Heart Is Mine

S5 E7. Those People & Bengale

S5 E6. The Cat & Cinema

S5 E5. Achan and Ezra & The Squirrels in the Attic

S5 E4. 11-95 & An American Childhood

S5 E3. Bree and Lyndsey are Actors, Lizard Brain & Home By 11

S5 E2. Supernova, Tristan and Isaac & Telling Time

S5 E1. Honest Roommates, Hold For Applause & Casanova

243. Jean Villepique “IV-effing”

242. 4Qs with Otis Birdy

241. Otis Birdy “Jiyan: La vie”

240. 4Qs with Nickolas Gilbert

239. Nickolas Gilbert “Nailed”

238. 4Qs with Rachel Thomas-Medwid

237. Rachel Thomas-Medwid “The Squirrels in the Attic”

236. 4Qs with Samuël L. Jodry

235. Samuël L. Jodry “Bengale (ou avant que le bonheur frappe)”

234. 4Qs with Kathryne Isabelle Easton

233. Kathryne Isabelle Easton “Borrelia Borealis”

232. 4Qs with Daniel Talbott

231. Daniel Talbott “Telling Time”

230. 4Qs with Alan Wood & Sarah Sypniewski

229. Alan Wood “LABATOKY (Life’s A B…)”

228. 4Qs with Ryan Alan Petti

227. Ryan Alan Petti “An American Childhood”

226. 4Qs with Christopher McNeany

225. Christopher McNeany “More Than He Knows”

224. 4Qs with Ryan Beene

223. Ryan Beene “Those People”

222. 4Qs with Kip Calendine & Sarah Beth Goer

221. Sarah Beth Goer & Kip Calendine “Three Roads”

220. 4Qs with Eric DePriester

219. Eric DePriester “Treason”

218. 4Qs with Diliana Deltcheva

217. Diliana Deltcheva “Sweetheart”

216. 4Qs with Denise Szabo & Vanessa Sandre

215. Luisa Novo, Denise Szabo & Vanessa Sandre “O Mundo Aqui Dentro (The World Inside)”

214. 4Qs with Corey Schmalzle & Chris McElroy

213. Chris McElroy & Corey Schmalzle “American SciFi”

212. 4Qs with Joe Basla

211. Joe Basla “Grade A”

210. 4Qs with Eric Foss

209. Eric Foss “How To Save A Marriage”

208. 4Qs with Fady Haddad

207. Fady Haddad “Lupe”

206. 4Qs with Evan Ostrow, Marshall Thompson & Elias Serpa

205. Evan Ostrow, Marshall Thompson & Elias Serpa “FLAT”

204.4Qs with Danice Cabanela & Robert Santi

203. Danice Cabanela, Robert Santi & Daniel Marcha “Forget Me Nots”

202. 4Qs with Michael Dailey & Morgan Lintz

201. Michael Dailey & Morgan Lintz “Turner Risk”

200. 4Qs with Michelle Alexander & Daniel David Stewart

199. Michelle Alexander & Daniel David Stewart “Blow Out”

198. 4Qs with Jon Gower

197. Jon Gower “Rallentando!”

196. 4Qs with Jessica Liu

195. Jessica Liu “Prom Time!”

194. 4Qs with Jonathan Latona

193. Jonathan Latona “DOUG”

192. 4Qs with Tobit Raphael Capati

191. Tobit Raphael Capati “Sextpert Advice”

190. 4Qs with Patrick Connolly

189. Patrick Connolly “Desire Lines”

188. 4Qs with Hayden Croft – Part Trois

187. Hayden Croft “Four Junkies”