DIF Review: ?????????? Borrelia Borealis

Rating: ??????????

Why do I recommend “Borrelia Borealis”?  I watch nearly 2,000 indie films every year because I run two film festivals.  Since Covid hit us in March 2020, I have seen a jillion indie efforts at the “make a creative film while trapped at home” genre. “Borrelia Borealis” overcame the challenges that lockdown presented with a massive dose of creativity.  Writer, director and lead actor Kathryne Isabelle Easton knew exactly what might kill a “trapped indoors” film and she dodged every bullet.  It is fresh, inventive, and beautiful to look at. If you enjoy indie film, then watch this movie.

To see where you can watch this film, hit the Borrelia Borealis IMDB page.

If you want to hear the DIF Podcast interview with Kathryne Isabelle Easton, click right here.


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