DIF Review: ?????????? What?

Rating: ??????????

What? is a remarkable film.  It is supremely entertaining, funny, and thoughtful.  Mostly it is brilliant cinema.  I make a point of calling this movie “cinema” because director Alek Lev has made a love letter to Hollywood’s silent era while keeping it contemporary, fresh and entertaining.  There is not one filmmaking element that the makers of “What?” did not use the fullest degree; cinematography, soundtrack, production design, and of course the brilliant acting.

And there’s one more thing.  What? conveys a sober yet heartening message of inclusion for the deaf community, but it is so entertaining that it isn’t a message movie.  It’s cinema at its best!

To see where you can watch this film, hit the What? IMDB page or visit TheWhatMovie.com.

If you want to hear the DIF Podcast interview with writer/director Alek Lev, click right here.


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