245. Troy Christian, Tom Graves & Timothy Milos “A Perfect Vintage”

Many years ago, filmmaker Troy Christian began a passion project; a documentary centered around winemaking in Napa Valley, California. Pulling together family and friends, Troy’s efforts resulted in “A Perfect Vintage,” a feature length documentary that took home the Audience Award for Best Documentary at Film Invasion Los Angeles 2021.  Guess what?  “A Perfect Vintage” is released to the public today! Go to  aperfectvintage.com and watch the film. I highly recommend you open a bottle of wine and watch this film with friends.

For the “A Perfect Vintage” podcast interview, Troy brought along producers Tom Graves and Timothy Milos, both of whom had huge roles in this superb documentary.

We hope you enjoy this fun interview about film, wine and friendship.  Make sure you do not miss this film!

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