270. Clare O’Connor & Emma Fazzuoli “Coco and Colby”

Clare O’Connor & Emma Fazzuoli brought their film “Coco & Colby” to Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2021 and took home the Audience Award for Short Film – Comedy.  This hilarious mockumentary is a personal favorite and I always knew that I wanted them on this podcast.

By the way, AUDIO QUALITY WARNING.  I’m not sure what was going on with my mic, but it was bad.  Sorry!

You can learn more about both of these filmmakers on Instagram.  Clare is @clare_makes_things and Emma is
@emmasofiaf.  Plus you can check out their projects at @amindcannottouch, @lucy_ashortfilm, and @unjustifiedshortfilm

Finally, you should check out the film Blissful at Zero that Emma co-directed, available on Prime Video and listen to her podcast “Lords of Delusion”.

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