217. Diliana Deltcheva “Sweetheart”

Diliana Deltcheva Zoomed in for her DIF interview

Diliana Deltcheva brought her short film “Sweetheart” to the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2019 and her lead actor Gina Vitori took home the award for “Outstanding Lead Acting, Individual.”  I don’t have to tell you that an actor doesn’t take home an award if the writer/director didn’t do a great job.  “Sweetheart” is a thought provoking film and, personally, I could talk about the nuances it deals with for hours.  You can watch this great film on the Discover Indie Film TV Series on Amazon Prime Video!  Just go to season 3, episode 5.

Diliana hopped onto Zoom for her DIF interview.  Hope you enjoy!

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