202. 4Qs with Michael Dailey & Morgan Lintz

Michael & Morgan cut a little loose on FaceTime

What are the 4Q’s?

  • Name your favorite films of all time (limit 3)
  • Name a film you think is underrated
  • Name a film you think is overrated
  • Name a lesser-known film that you think people should seek out

Michael Dailey and Morgan Lintz took home four awards from the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2019 with their feature film “Turner Risk.”  I knew the makers of this compelling, compassionately made film were going to have some great titles on their answers to the 4Qs and they did not disappoint.

You should watch “Turner Risk” ASAP.  It is a shining example of indie cinema done right. Find the film and learn all you need to know about it at PhenomenonFilmworks.com.

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Here are Michael’s 4Qs answers:

  • Favorites: North By Northwest, Lawrence of Arabia, Close Encounters of the Third Kind
  • Underrated: Almost Famous
  • Overrated: The Matrix
  • Seek Out: The Silent Partner, The Window, The Changeling

Here are Morgan’s 4Qs answers:

  • Favorites: Chinatown, Back to the Future, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park, Pan’s Labyrinth
  • Underrated: Temple of Doom, Under the Silver Lake, The Handmaiden & Stoker
  • Overrated: Tree of Life, Foxcatcher
  • Seek Out: Coherence