213. Chris McElroy & Corey Schmalzle “American SciFi”

Corey and Chris with Jeff on Zoom for their DIF interview

I first met filmmaking team Chris McElroy & Corey Schmalzle when they brought their feature film “Ghostland Boys” to Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2016.  That was the first film festival that I ever programmed and I loved this charming, zero budget comedy.  They came back four years later with “American SciFi” in 2020.  They showed in that film how much they learned and grown as filmmakers, as they managed to still work with almost no budget but make something a thousand times more sophisticated than their first outing.  “American SciFi” is a must see, but at the moment you cannot watch it.  If that changes, we will add the link right here.

This interview was a long time coming, but it finally happened!  Hope you enjoy!

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