125. Linda Christina Riedmann “The Wind Phone”

Linda Christina Riedmann was all smiles for her DIF interview

This podcast represents the second DIF interview for The Wind Phone, a beautiful short film that pulled in 6 awards at Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2019.  Linda Christina Riedmann produced this amazing film and I have to say that she and writer/director Kristen Gerweck represent one of the healthiest, most productive filmmaking partnerships I’ve seen on the festival circuit.

You cannot watch The Wind Phone online yet.  It came this close to making the shortlist for the Oscar for Best Live Action Short.  Yes, this film is that good.  I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I didn’t make the list.  I know the Oscar process is more about publicity than quality, but there’s a little spot in my heart and my head that hopes for the day quality triumphs.

Instead of complaining all day, I will just let you know that whenever Linda & Kristen decide to release The Wind Phone online, I will be sure to include a link here for you to see it.  Then you can be as angry as I am about the Oscar snub.

There’s no major spoilers in this interview.  Just the fascinating story how a talented, hard-working young woman from Austria ended up in Los Angeles producing Oscar worthy short films.


Enjoy hearing from Linda!

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