158. Alana de Freitas “Nancy”

Alana de Freitas

Alana de Freitas wrote and directed the film “Nancy” which took home the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film – Drama at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2019.  (Actor Michael Yavnieli also picked up the award for Outstanding Lead Performance, making “Nancy” was a double-award-winner!)  The great news is that you can watch “Nancy” right now on the Discover Indie Film TV Series on Amazon Prime Video — just go to Season 4 Episode 2 to check out this multiple award winning film.

Alana is a one-person movie studio!  Acting, writing, directing and producing multiple projects simultaneously!  She is the living example of what a talented, driven person can accomplish when they take themselves and their work seriously.  This podcast interview allows us a glimpse of Alana’s journey from Australia to Los Angeles and how she ended up making amazingly wonderful films today.

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