116. Leo Chor “How To Get A Boyfriend”

Leo Chor at Film Invasion Los Angeles, June 2019

Leo Chor’s film How To Get A Boyfriend won the Porgrammers Prize at Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2019.  And I’m proud to say that it is part of season two of the Discover Indie Film TV Series.  Darkly funny with a wicked spirit, this the kind of film that we want people to see when they stream the DIF series on Amazon Prime Video.

Leo came by for a DIF interview and, no spoilers here, shared his story of how he went from high school in Thailand to film school in Los Angeles, eventually making How To Get A Boyfriend because, honestly, they wouldn’t let him graduate without it.

The film is right here for you to watch, although it would be super smart for you to watch it on Amazon Prime Video.  That way you see all the other great short films in the series, including the great I Got This that shares season 2 episode 2 with Leo’s film.

Ok.  Make your choice now and then listen to the interview!

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