115. 4Qs with Patrick Connolly

Patrick & Jeff at the DIF mic’s

What are the 4Q’s?

  • Name your favorite film of all time (limit 3)
  • Name a film you think is underrated
  • Name a film you think is overrated
  • Name a lesser-known film that you think people should seek out

Patrick Connolly’s short film The Creeping Ritual anchors episode 9 of Season Two of the Discover Indie Film TV Series.  Check it out on Amazon Prime Video and I know for a fact you will want to know this filmmaker’s influences.

Here are Patrick’s answers:

  • Favorites:  Deliverance, The Breakfast Club and/or Platoon, The Silence of the Lambs, Y Tu Mamá También
  • Underrated: After Hours
  • Overrated: (none)
  • Seek Out: Straight Time, Blue Collar

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