118. Jeffrey Thompson “Because We Can”

Jeffrey Thompson on the DIF mic.

Some people are consider a jack of all trades.  But I’m not afraid to say that Jeffrey Thompson is far more than a jack of all trades.  This man has vision and the ability to make things happen.  That includes acting, writing, producing and directing in addition to organizing a creative collective named Great Hair Productions. (Look at the picture to the right if you’re wondering why.)

Jeffrey and his Great Hair Productions collaborators Elaine Chu, Jeanene Beauregard, Brigid Marshall, Thomas Nolle, and Joe Willand brought their great short film Because We Can to the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2018 and it won both the Audience Award for Best Short Film and the Outstanding Acting, Individual award for lead actress Jillian Ferry.

I think Jeffrey Thompson and his team are great and even though we couldn’t add their great short to the Discover Indie Film TV series on Amazon Prime Video (nudge nudge) due to SAG rules I wanted to invite Jeffrey onto the podcast.


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