297. 4Qs with Jeff Hilliard

What are the 4Q’s?  (1) Favorite films, top 3. (2) An underrated film. (3) An overrated film. (4) A lesser-known film people should seek out.

Jeff Hillard records music, sings, performs comedy, acts, directs, produces and more. Jeff brought the music video “Consensual” to Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2022 and took home three awards; Outstanding Music Video, Outstanding Director(s) – Music Video, and Outstanding Performance – Music Video.  Jeff came over to record a DIF Podcast interview so of course I had him record a 4Qs episode!

If you want to watch some terrific music videos, click here for Jeff Hilliard’s YouTube page.

And you can always follow him at @jeffhilliard on Instagram.

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