285. 4Qs with Arvid Eriksson

What are the 4Q’s?  (1) Favorite films, top 3. (2) An underrated film. (3) An overrated film. (4) A lesser-known film people should seek out.

Arvid Eriksson bought his film “Acknowledgements,” to Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2021 and took home the Grand Jury Award for Best Short Film – Arthouse/Experimental!  I’m proud to say that this engaging, innovative film in Season 6 of the Discover Indie Film TV Series on Amazon Prime Video!

While we were recording our intercontinental Zoom chat, I obviously had to have Arvid answer the 4Qs above.  Enjoy!

Follow Arvid on Instagram at @perarvideriksson or at his website arvideriksson.com

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