331. 4Qs with Greg Berman

What are the 4Qs?  (1) Three favorite films. (2) An underrated film. (3) An overrated film. (4) A lesser-known film people should seek out.  But not in this podcast!

This 4Qs is a little special, because filmmaker Greg Berman is the multi-hyphenate artist  behind the film “She Used To Laugh,” an official selection at both Film Invasion Los Angeles and the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2021, taking home multiple awards.  So… because Greg is a Filmmaker, Actor, Magician and Comedian, we agreed this his 4Qs would be…

(1) Three favorite films. (2) Three favorite actors. (3) Three favorite magicians. (4) Three favorite comedians.

Don’t ever say that I’m a stick in the mud who will not try new things.

Click to watch “She Used To Laugh” on Omeleto!

To learn more about Greg visit GregBerman.com or jump onto his Instagram at @bermancomedy.

For extra fun, listen to Greg’s podcast Greg’s Guided Meditation!


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