371. 4Qs with Chandra Bond, Janelle Jones, & Aaron Bennett

What are the 4Qs?  (1) Three favorite films. (2) An underrated film. (3) An overrated film. (4) A lesser-known film people should seek out.

The team behind the award winning film “Good Counsel” hopped onto Zoom for a DIF interview so of course I had to have them answer the 4Qs above.  Chandra Bond (actor/producer), Janelle Jones (actor), and Aaron Bennett (writer) take turns telling us about some of their favorite films.  I’m also proud to say that their excellent film “Good Counsel” is in Season 7, Episode 1 of the Discover Indie Film TV Series on Amazon Prime Video!

You can learn more about these lovely, talented people at these links:

Chandra Bond on Instagram @chandra.bond and the web at Chandrabond.com
Aaron Bennett on Instagram @aaronwritesstuff
Janelle Jones is refreshing not online!

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