370. Chandra Bond, Janelle Jones, Aaron Bennett & David J. Levine “Good Counsel”

The rare Four Guest podcast! Chandra Bond (actor/producer), Janelle Jones (actor), Aaron Bennett (writer) & David J. Levine (director) collaborated to make the film “Good Counsel,” an Official Selection at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2020 and took home a Grand Jury Prize.  I’m proud to say that this excellent film is in Season 7, Episode 1 of the Discover Indie Film TV Series on Amazon Prime Video!

You can learn more about these lovely, talented people at these links:

Chandra Bond on Instagram @chandra.bond and the web at Chandrabond.com
David J. Levine on Instagram @shootingonthedl
Aaron Bennett on Instagram @aaronwritesstuff
Janelle Jones is refreshing not online!

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