354. Noel David Taylor “Man Under Table”

Noel David Taylor made the film “Man Under Table OR ‘I’m Writing A Movie'” and it premiered at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2019.  And when I say he “made” the film, I mean it.  He wrote, directed, played the lead role, shot most of it, did the set decoration… in many ways I consider it one of the ultimate indie films.  That’s why it took home the Programmer’s Prize for Outstanding Filmmaking.

The good news is that you can watch “Man Under Table” right now at arrow-player.com.

You can follow Noel on Instagram at @avi.mov or learn more about him at his website noeldavidtaylor.com.

Noel is simply the best and I loved having this conversation with him.  And Zoom cuts us off just over an hour into our chat.  We spoke for at least another half hour, but those words are lost forever.  If this was ever going to happen to this podcast, of course it was for the recording that took over two years of emails back and forth trying to find a time to make it happen.  Yes, I am cursing the gods of Zoom.

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