404. Darren Coyle “Operation: Payback”

Darren Coyle’s second appearance on the DIF Podcast comes after his short film “Operation: Payback” screened at the 2022 Sherman Oaks Film Festival.  His first came after his feature film “Chasing Sunshine” screened at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2018.  It was great to catch up with Darren and hear how well he’s been doing, both with his day job in television production and his devotion to creating his own original work.  Plus he’s a very dedicated writer!  As Darren points out, don’t snooze on joining a writers’ group!

But there’s more!  In fact, if you go to darrencoyle.com you can see his earlier shorts “Ding Dong” and “Downward Dog” as well as the two films mentioned above.  Darren’s comedies are always original and fun!  Can you have too much fun?  I think not.  Visit his website and Enjoy!

Oh yeah… if you’re still reading this then I must share a disclaimer.  The damn drive on my laptop maxed out of space and I lost the last 10 minutes of this podcast.  Ugh!  As soon as I found out I spent a hundred bucks on a bigger SSD and that will Never happen again.  Sorry Darren!

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