363. 4Qs with Tony, April, Andrew, & Cameron

What are the 4Qs?  (1) Three favorite films. (2) An underrated film. (3) An overrated film. (4) A lesser-known film people should seek out.

Four guests answering the 4Qs above… madness!  This episode features the directors and leads of two films, “This Sucks” and “Driven: The Tony Pearson Story.”   These lovely people are Cameron A. Mitchell (writer/director, “This Sucks”), Andrew Menjivar (director, “Driven: The Tony Pearson Story”), April Denise Scott (lead actor, “This Sucks”), and Tony Pearson (documentary subject, “Driven: The Tony Pearson Story”).

Both films are premiering at the Golden State Film Festival within days of the release of this podcast!

This was an absolutely delightful conversation and all four guests are simply wonderful.  I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it.

To learn more about everyone go to…

Cameron A. Mitchell @thecammunist on Instagram
Andrew Menjivar @directormenji on Instagram
April Denise Scott @aprildenisescott & @april.living.life on Instagram
Tony Pearson @tonypearson87 on Instagram and tonypearsonpersonaltrainer.com

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Driven: The Tony Pearson Story website
Driven: My Secret Untold Story, Tony’s autobiography on Amazon

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