28. James Medeiros & Caroline O’Brien “Puppet Life”

Every once in a while you see a comedy that is so smart, subversive and entertaining that it makes you forget the creators are dealing with the most sensitive political subjects in the world.  Puppet Life is one of those films.

We showed Puppet Life at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival, and being a fan I wasn’t surprised at all that the team behind it gave an incredibly fun Q&A. James Medeiros and Caroline O’Brien wore so many hats on this film that the best title for them is “filmmakers.”  If you want to get technical, James wrote, produced, and performs in the film.  Caroline produced and stars in the film.  But the truth is that their collaboration has a long history, and they made the film together.

I wanted to include these two on Discover Film from its inception, but we had to wait until they were both in the United States to do it.  Thankfully, they were both in Los Angeles and took the time to come record a podcast.



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