1. Jamie Brindle “The Catcher”

In the first ever Discover Film podcast, I talk to Jamie Brindle.  Jamie wrote, directed, and edited The Catcher, winner of a Grand Jury Prize at Film Invasion L.A.  We learn about Jamie’s creative process and how he managed to get The Catcher from script to screen.  We even get to hear how he went from being a child actor onstage and in local commercials to film school to Hollywood.

You should watch The Catcher RIGHT NOW!

THE CATCHER – Based on a True WWII Story from Jamie Brindle on Vimeo.

After watching this film, listen to my interview with Jamie.  Below is the under 45 minute edit of the interview.  We actually talked filmmaking for an hour and a half.  (The full conversation will be a separate Episode, just in case some of you want to majorly geek out over filmmaking.)

I think we’re good.



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