106. Philip A. Ramos “The Kidnapping of a Fish”

Philip A. Ramos stops by DIF HQ to record with Jeff.

The first time I saw The Kidnapping of a Fish was at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2016 when it took home a Grand Jury Prize for Short Film.  This super enjoying film mixes drama, comedy and action in a way that few short films can manage.  In fact, if ever there was a short that audiences watched and said, “That felt like a feature film,” it was The Kidnapping of a Fish.

Writer/Director Philip A. Ramos also turned out to be as nice a person as you will ever meet.  We recorded an interview last year long via an internet connection, but then I lost it to a hard drive failure and instead of recording another phone call Philip stopped by my microphones to record one in person the next time he was in L.A.

But BEFORE you listen to this interview, WATCH THE MOVIE.  It is in Season 1 Episode 9 of the Discover Indie Film TV Series! or you can watch it solo on Amazon Prime Video.

Click this still from “The Kidnapping of a Fish” to watch it in S1 E9 of the DIF TV series.


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