112. Anderson Cowan “Groupers”

Anderson Cowan (center) at the FILA 2019 Q&A for “Groupers”

At Film Invasion Los Angeles in 2019, the feature film Groupers took home four awards; including Best Feature, Best Director, Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actor.  Writer/Director Anderson Cowan had a great screening at the festival and a great Q&A, so I knew he’d be a great filmmaker to interview for the podcast.

And September 2019 is a good time to interview him because Groupers is about to have a limited theatrical run.  Learn more about that at the Official Groupers Website.

We all know the limitations of low budget, independent film, but Groupers leaps right over all those limitations by delivering a fresh, original story in a stylish, inventive way.  But it also has substance;  substance without being preachy.  In fact, it has so much substance that during this interview I completely forgot to talk to him about all the impressive stylish elements he worked into the movie.

There’s not too many spoilers in this interview, but you really really really should get out there and support this movie.  See if it’s playing near your at www.groupersthemovie.com.

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