114. Patrick Connolly “The Creeping Ritual”

Patrick Connolly stops by for a DIF interview

The first time that I saw Patrick Connolly’s The Creeping Ritual it basically kicked my ass.  How a short film could bring together spirituality, punk rock, coconut water, sex, the Devil and God into one story and have it entertain all the way through?  I don’t know how, but The Creeping Ritual does it.

I’m proud to say that The Creeping Ritual is part of season two of the Discover Indie Film TV Series.  It’s just the kind of innovative, original film that we want people to see when they stream the series on Amazon Prime Video.

The inclusion of his film in the series was a great time to bring Patrick in for a podcast interview.  I was really interested to learn more about him and the film, and he didn’t disappoint!

I’m hoping to post an embed of the film right here.  Check back soon! Until then, enjoy the trailer below.

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