41. Alex Merkin “This Modern Man Is Beat”

Jeff & Alex at the 2016 Sherman Oaks Film Festival.

This Modern Man Is Beat won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2016, and I never stopped thinking about how beautifully cinematic it is.  I knew from working with the filmmakers that there would be a good story behind it, and director Alex Merkin did not disappoint.  What I didn’t know is how many fils Alex has behind him and ahead of him.  I couldn’t be happier for this talented young man.

As always… watch the film and then listen to the interview.  The link to This Modern Man Is Beat on Vimeo is right here.

And if you want to go deeper into Alex’s catalog, here is his earlier short film Across The Hall.  We discuss this one quite a bit on the podcast, too.

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