99. Charlotte Barrett & Sean Fallon “A Bad Feeling”

Charlotte Barrett & Sean Fallon are the filmmaking team behind A Bad Feeling which took home a Grand Jury Prize at tFilm Invasion Los Angeles 2018 for Best Short.

Interviewing Charlotte & Sean it became pretty obvious that their smart, funny, and emotionally honest film is a direct reflection of their talent.  Still, it’s always reassuring to find out that the people behind a delightful film happen to be delightful people as well.

They also gave me a look at a feature that they had made before A Bad Feeling called Virgin Alexander.  We talk for a while about it as well and I will try to get a link for it here.

In the meantime, before you listen to this fun interview with these delightful filmmakers you should WATCH THIS FILM.  Seriously.  It’s fantastic.

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