103. 4Qs with Russell Brown

Russell Brown with two of his actors from “Search Engines”

What are the 4Q’s?

  • Name your favorite film of all time (limit 3)
  • Name a film you think is underrated
  • Name a film you think is overrated
  • Name a lesser-known film that you think people should seek out

Russell Brown’s feature film Search Engines won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Feature Film at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2016.  He came in for a Discover Indie Film podcast interview and I made sure to get him to answer the Four Questions before he left.

Here are Russell’s answers:

  • Favorites: Harold & Maude, Music Room, My Dinner With Andre
  • Underrated: Capernaum
  • Overrated: (everything nowadays)
  • Seek Out: The Hours And Times

Here are Sean’s answers:

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