24. Todd Wiseman Jr. “Army of God”

Todd Wiseman Jr. is a very busy guy.  I first saw his film Army of God when the jury selected it to screen at Film Invasion L.A. in 2016.  He couldn’t come out from NYC for the festival, so I didn’t really “meet” him until we got on the phone for this podcast interview.  It turns out that in addition to being a very talented filmmaker, he’s a principal behind Man With A Cam and Hayden 5 Media.

As interesting as this other work is, I wanted to focus on Army of God because it is one of the few films I’ve seen on the festival circuit that combined extremely courageous storytelling with extremely professional filmmaking.

And, let me say this in advance… regardless of your politics, this film represents a valid, intelligent perspective in a compelling way.  That is what filmmaking is about!


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