47. Hayden Croft & Jay Eftimoski “New Age, Olde English”

One of the hits at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2016 was New Age, Olde English.  The team behind this film, writer/director Hayden Croft and producer/actor Jay Eftimoski, came in for an interview.  New Age, Olde English is an original and unique comedy with a little touch of horror.

Click here to watch New Age, Ole English and then listen to the podcast!

And ONE MORE THING.  On this podcast you hear Hayden giving me a copy of his book, “Kisses From Strangers In The Dark,” a collection of short stories.  I’ve been reading it, and it’s GREAT.  Seriously.  These short stories are smart and fun.  Each deserves to be its own short film.

Kisses From Strangers In The Dark @ Barnes & Noble

Kisses From Strangers In The Dark @ Amazon

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