46. The Oscars Results Podcast Party

We all made a bunch of predictions in The Oscars Prediction Podcast, so of course we had to meet again to discuss the Oscars results.  Three filmmakers who weren’t able to make it to the Prediction Podcast were available for the Results Party…

In fact, ELEVEN filmmakers took part in the Discover Film Oscars Pool.  Some have already done a podcast interview, and some are on my to-do list.  In alphabetical order they were: Alex Merkin, (Episode 41), Ashley Campbell (Episode 5), Caroline O’Brien (Episode 28), Doug Mueller (Episode 34), James Medeiros (Episode 28), Jeff Howard (me), Jeremy Foley (upcoming), Joe Petricca (upcoming),  Luis Servera (upcoming), Luísa Novo (upcoming), Preston Peterson (Episode 22.)

And the winner was…

At first I asked everyone to just make their picks for the top 4 categories; Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Actor.  And the winers is… Ashley Campbell!  Out of 11 people, she was the only perfect 4 out of 4.

But people also submitted their picks for all 24 categories, and the winner of that race was Luis Servera with an impressive 14 out of 24!  (And he left three blank.)

After the Oscars, winner Ashley Campbell received her prize of choosing when we would record this podcast, and amazingly five other people were able to attend. Alex Merkin, Caroline O’Brien, James Medeiros, Preston Peterson, and Jason Boesch.  Add me to the mix and that’s seven people talking at the same time.


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