61. “Stay” with Chris, Devin & Zach

Besides winning the Grand Jury Prize at the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2017, the feature film Stay is the indie movie that everyone thinks about making and either doesn’t or fails trying.  A bunch of talented, dedicated friends pulled together the script, performers, and equipment that they needed to make a 90 minute film in a week in the home of one of the lead performers.  And it’s REALLY GOOD.

I was able to pull writer/director Christopher James Cramer and lead actors Devin Brooke & Zach Kanner in for an interview, and it was a lot of fun.  They were a ton of fun to hang out with and stayed so long that when they left I felt guilty for not serving them a meal.  I guess that’s my paternal side, wanting to feed the young filmmakers while they’re up at the house.

Stay is not available for you to watch yet, but you can learn a lot more about it here.  You can even jump on their Indiegogo and help them self-distribute.

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