69. Nate Hapke “One More”

SOFF Q&A with writer/director Nate Hapke and lead actor Aaron Sanders

At the Sherman Oaks Film Festival in 2017, we played one of my favorite blocks of all time and that block started off with the incredibly well-directed and touching One More.  At the Q&A I wasn’t surprised that this film came from a filmmaker as thoughtful and intelligent as Nate Hapke.

At the Q&A all we discussed was his film, but then he came in to record a podcast and I found out that this young man is one of the most dedicated and driven filmmakers I have yet to meet.  He averages more than one short film a year and that is while working full time on one of the best known television programs of all time, General Hospital.

Nate is the kind of filmmaker who has thought about every frame and every edit of his work, and when he came in for the podcast we talked for a looooong time.  And then, while we were holding the interview to wait for him to release One More online, a series of ridiculous hard drive issues lead to my losing the recording.  So, with the online release coming soon, Nate came in and we recorded another.  This means that when you listen to this podcast we don’t discuss his past nearly as much, and he focuses more on each of the films he has made.  Fair enough.

But first… watch One More and then listen to the interview.

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